Here are some of the questions we get asked frequently along with their answers.

Do you use eco-friendly products to wash windows?
Yes, we use a biodegradable soap to wash your windows. We are also focused on being as energy efficient as possible so we are able to adhere to LEED standards.
In what regions do you operate?
We operate in and around Montreal (North Shore and South Shore).
Can you wash windows in the winter?
Yes, we will indeed brave the cold to wash your windows in the winter.
Do you have liability insurance?
Absolutely! At Entretien McGill, our top priorities are health and safety. That’s why we have insurance that protects us in the case of an accident. We make sure to stay safe when working at heights.
Do you provide your employees with training?
Yes. Every company must be registered with the CSST and regulated by the Parity Committee. That’s why we provide appropriate training to all our employees who work at heights.

Our employees get training on falls, boom lifts, and safety at work. This helps them carry out their work in a safe and responsible way.

Some of our employees have also received their ASP certification for health and safety in construction worksites.
I’m a professional in charge of building inspections. How can you help me apply Bill 122’s safety standards?
By providing you with high-tech equipment that is maintained, reliable, and safe. Thanks to our equipment calibrated specifically to your needs, you’ll have peace of mind for your detailed or general inspections and will be able to carry out audits in optimal conditions.

Bill 122 requires a verification report and a building inspection every 5 years. Make the process easier by renting our equipment specifically designed for working at heights.

We’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you have!